Go Nutz for Donutz!

FELT by Lars Vejen & Susse Thorseng Lærche 01 FINAL

This collaboration investigates the possibility of creating a unisex and one size jacket through the natural behaviour of a material. Functional accessories are a personal choices that can be used to make a style either more masculine or feminine. For this unconstructed jacket, original and traditionally crafted wool felt more or less becomes the design itself, as the material carefully wraps around the body, creating balance of comfort and design details. The unique wool felt named ”Holmens” is manufactured by Danish Art Weaving and dates back to around 1600 where the Danish King Christian IV dressed his navy soldiers using textiles constructed through the same techniques. The quality was chosen to resist the Nordic cold and hard use and to dress the soldiers with both dignity and authority. Susse Thorseng Lærche uses her skills as a traditionally trained tailor to let noble materials meet the body in balance of aesthetics and functionality.

素材がもつ自然な形や動きを活かしてデザインした、男女兼用のワンサイズ・ジャケットです。古くから伝わる手法で作られたウールフ ェルトが、そっと体を包み込み、着心地の良い肌触りを実現しています。この「Holmens」という特徴的なウールフェルトは「Danish Art Waving」によって製造されており、非常に暖かく耐久性が高いため、1600年頃、当時のデンマーク王クリスチャン4世が海軍用の軍服と して認めました。ファッションデザイナーでもあり、メーカーでもある「Susse Thorseng Lærche」は、仕立の技術を活かし身体にフィット する美しく機能的なものづくりをしています。