HAIRY functional jewellery

HAIRY by Lars Vejen for Blindes Arbejde 01

The purpose of ”functional jewellery” is to bring full attention to the often hidden beauty in an everyday object by bringing together separate functions in one design. HAIRY is inspired by the great handcraft made by blind and visually impaired people, and it is based on the premise of what their hands can do without help from their eyes. It consists of a solid wooden ring partly decorated with horse hair brushes. HAIRY can be used as an unconventional, decorative, tactile jewellery and as a clothing brush that is within reach whenever you need it. Blind People´s Work is a Danish Work Integrated Social Enterprise (WISE) that has existed since 1929 with the aim to create jobs for people with limited or no eyesight primarily within craftsmanship. The core of Blind People´s Work is to use the ”wise hands” of the employees as primary resource to manufacture brushes, textiles and other high quality handicrafts in natural and beautiful materials.

「HAIRY Functional Jewellery」は、日常的に存在するものに隠された魅力をテーマにデザインされました。盲目の人々の素晴らしい技 術にインスピレーションを受け、視覚に頼らず手の感覚だけで作れる構造になっています。アクセサリーとして身につけながら、時には 洋服用のブラシとして使用できる製品です。 デンマークの社会経済団体である「Blind Peoples Work」は、1929年から目の不自由な人々がものづくりを仕事にできる活動をしてお り、主に美しい自然素材を使用したクオリティの高いブラシやテキスタイル作っています。