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STICK lantern Design Lars Vejen for Kobishiya Chube 02

Although Kobishiya Chubes paper lanterns are made from fragile materials, they possess an almost magical strength based on carefully developed and refined techniques. Even today, the lanterns are manufactured using the same simple and very best materials as they did decades ago; bamboo and paper. With each bamboo ring being carefully and individually positioned and fixed, the lantern construction finds not only its unique beauty but also its strength and flexibility. The STICK lantern is constructed with a spine-like movement which creates an active element in the design. By angling the inside structural sticks, you are able to change the shape of the lantern, and thereby its expression. The STICK lantern brings individuality to life through natural flexibility of materials and handcrafted construction. Kobishiya Chube, founded around 1800 (Edo Kansei), are dedicated to using only the very best materials and original techniques in their work to preserve their historic handcraft. In this collaboration, they demonstrate how history can be brought into the future – creating balance and sustainable development without compromising their heritage.

魔法のような強さを持つ「小菱屋忠兵衛」の提灯は竹や和紙を使い繊細でありながらも耐久性と機能性に優れています。竹はそれぞれ 丁寧に配置され、提灯の構造に独特の美しさと、強さと、しなやかさを与えます。「STICK lantern」は提灯の構造の内側に軸を作ることで 回転の動きと角度をつけることができ、この構造により形や表情の変化を楽しむことができます。「小菱屋忠兵衛」は良質な素材と技術にこだわり江戸時代より伝わる伝統を守ってきました。今回のコラボレーションは歴史背景に基 づき伝統を未来に伝えてゆくためのクリエーションとその可能性を示しています。