CUT bag series

CUT bag by Lars Vejen for Leather By Hands 01

The functionality of a bag may be one of the most archetypical functionalities we know. From nature’s own designs that were used to carry food collected in nature to todays refined and advanced designs and structures. However, all still with same function; to secure and transport your belongings. CUT is a bag designed with attention to the very finest details and as few of them as possible. It is made from one piece of leather – cut, folded and stitched to form the final shape and function. Handle lengths are made adjustable simply by moving two brass splits inside the bag. This easily transforms the bag from shoulder to hand bag. Behind Leather by Hand is a dedicated team which focuses only on the best in terms of design, material and handcraft – a team which is driven by passion and the urge to create.

「CUT」レザーバッグシリーズの装飾は、可能な限りシンプルにまとめ、主に革だけで作られている素材のディテールが際立つようデザ インしました。ハンドルの長さは、バッグの内側にある2つの真鍮のパーツを動かすだけで簡単に調節でき、ショルダーバッグとしても ハンドバッグとしても使うことができます。「Leather by Hand」は、デザイン、素材、クオリティにこだわったデンマークの革製品のブランドです。