Go Nutz for Donutz!

Dinesen Lars Vejen Vahle

With this collaboration, two companies, each leading in their field, are brought together in synergy. The unique DNA of Dinesen solid wooden floors – the impressive length, width and thickness of the planks and with nature as only limitation – is transferred into the design of the FRAMED door series manufactured by Vahle – a leading manufacturer of doors using only the best craftsmanship to unite the highest functional demands on quality and design. The only actual and purely constructional detail from the floors – the meeting between two wooden planks – is brought into the door design allowing the solid wood to move and adapt to the surrounding climate. The traditionally visible top frame above the door is visually removed and placed either behind the top of the door or extended as a panel above – both designs visually enhance the full width and length of the planks and thereby reference to the floor.

「FRAMED door series」は、非常に大きくて厚みのある、美しい無垢の床材を取り扱う「Dinesen」と、どんなデザインでも実現できてしま う高い技術をもつドアメーカーの「Vahle」との共同開発によって作られたプロダクトです。板のつなぎ目は床材と同じ構造であり、木材 が気候によって大きさが変化したときに対応できるような仕組みになっています。また、ドア上部の枠は見えないようにデザインされ、 またインテリア空間において「Dinesen」の床材と相性の良いデザインになっています。

vahle.dk / dinesen.com