FUROSHIKI mokuwashi cushion and ZABUTON set

Lars Vejen for IWATA Furoshiki cushion and ZABUTON set

Natural resources are limited and precious, and should be handled carefully and used with consideration and respect. The Zabuton set and the Furoshiki MOKUWASHI cover are produced using the very best sustainable and renewable materials. Furthermore, both products are designed to address – and challenge – the number of products used in a private household. With the Furoshiki MOKUWASHI cover you can transform guest bedding – duvet and cushion – into an everyday use pillow. Simply wrap your guest duvet and pillow in the Furoshiki MOKUWASHI cover to make a big pillow that can be used in a couch or on the floor. This reduces the need of extra products that take up both space and resources. “Mokuwashi” is a special fabric made with Washi (paper) and cotton. The fabric is 100% natural, light and very durable. The Zabuton set can be joined together and used as a mattress – or used individually as cushions. The concept is simple, beautiful and multifunctional. A good sleep is crucial for both health and general well-being. Since 1830 (Edo period), Iwata has used the finest, natural materials and refined techniques to develop first quality bedding products.

限りある天然資源は、大切に使用しなければなりません。「ZABUTONセット」と「木和紙FUROSHIKI・クッション」は素材の再生利用も考 慮しながら、用途に適した素材を使いデザインされています。普段は「FUROSHIKIクッション」は大きなクッションとして、「ZABUTONセッ ト」は座布団として使用しますが、来客時には風呂敷で包んだ掛布団と枕を取り出して、座布団は繋げてマットレスとすることで、寝具と して使うことができます。シンプルで、美しく、機能性を備えた製品です。また、生地に用いた木和紙は針葉樹の間伐材を漉き込んだ和紙 を撚って糸を作り、ジャカード織機で二重織したオリジナルの生地で軽くて丈夫です。 健康のためにも睡眠は欠かせません。「イワタ」は1830年(江戸時代)以来、優れた自然素材にこだわり、良質な寝具を開発し続ける京都 の老舗寝具メーカーです。