KOBAN lamp

  • KOBAN lantern Design Lars Vejen for Ozeki 01

The KOBAN pendant is designed with both curved and straight bamboo wires. The design challenges the craft while maintaining the original folding functionality of the lamp. The elongated shape makes space for two light bulbs sending the light both direct through the downwards opening and diffused into the room through beautiful Japanese paper. Since 1891 (Meiji 24), traditional handcrafted paper lanterns have been manufactured at the Gifu located company Ozeki. Through strong cultural and historical relations, Ozeki has been able to continuously refine and develop its elegant craftsmanship. In 1951, the company began a collaboration with sculptor Isamu Noguchi. A collaboration that led to the creation of the Akari-collection that marked the beginning of a new era for the paper lanterns.

「オゼキ」では1891年(明治24年)以来、岐阜提灯を製造してきました。引き継がれる文化や伝統を守りつつ、彫刻家「Isamu Noguchi」と コラボレーションをし「Akariコレクション」を発表するなど、進化を続けています。「KOBAN」ペンダントは提灯の折りたためる機能を保 ちながらも、曲線と真っ直ぐの竹を組み合わせた独特のデザインになっています。横長いランプシェードの中には2つの電球が入り周り の空間を広く優しく照らします。