WAPPA wooden boxes

WAPPA bento boxes by Lars Vejen for Kazuki Hanafusa 02

When carefully composed, even small details in surface, colour and pattern can make a big difference to a product. This is visualised in this set of simply shaped wooden boxes based on the traditional Japanese lunch box. The boxes are made from first quality cedarwood and carefully crafted so that they can be combined individually giving you the possibility to make you own composition. The beauty, touch and smell of the cedarwood is unique and strongly related to many Japanese handcrafts. Here, lacquer (Urushi) and markings (Uzukuri) on the outer surface of the wood bring out new layers and individuality.

日本の伝統的な弁当箱をもとにデザインされた、シンプルな木製のボックスシリーズ。表面の色や柄の異なる蓋と器を選んで、自分好 みのセットを作ることができます。杉の美しさ、触り心地、香りには日本の工芸品特有の魅力があります。漆塗りや浮造り仕上げなど、日 本ならではの装飾技術を活かしています。