FUROSHIKI wool cover

Wool Furoshiki by Lars Vejen for Nicolai Bisgaard01

The Furoshiki WOOL cover is designed to address the number of different products in a private household. The cover is created using the very best quality wool, and it allows you to transform your guest bedding – duvet and cushion – into an everyday use pillow. In this way, you avoid having extra products that take up both space and resources. The duvet and cushion are simply wrapped in the Furoshiki and turned into a big pillow that can be used in a couch or on the floor. Simple, beautiful and multifunctional. Trained within traditional furniture upholstery and renovation, Nicolai Bisgaard uses his passion for good classic handcraft and the best quality materials to bring new life to old furniture or to create new pieces.

「FUROSHIKI wool cover」は、最高品質の羊毛を使用しており、さらに新しい機能を持ったクッションです。ソファの上に置いて日常的 に使用できるクッションの中に、来客用の掛布団や枕を収納できます。普段は使わないのに部屋の収納スペースだけ取ってしまう問題 を解決できる、シンプルでかつ美しく、機能性をもったプロダクトです。 「Nicolai Bisgaard」は壊れた家具の生地の張替えや修理を専門とし、高品質な素材を使用して、古いものに新しい命を吹き込むものづ くりを行っています。