TRACE Yoshino cedar wood trays

TRACE tray design by Lars Vejen for ICHI 01

Original, and thereby often very old craft techniques, take time to understand and ”read” before being able to bring them into new design contexts. The Japanese wood shaping process called ”Kanna” is a method using only planers to shape a product into a piece of furniture or handicraft. With this unique and highly demanding craft, Yoshino cedarwood is gently and one fine layer after another given its form – without using advanced machinery or sandpaper – just hand and planer leaving the surface with gentle traces of every little movement made by the hand. TRACE is the meet between a simple functional object, design and Kanna. ICHI is a small wood workshop located near some of the oldest Cedar wood forest plantations in Yoshino, Nara. Since 2014, ICHI has worked to preserve their craft while creating new and modern furniture and educating other craftsmen to master the technique.

時代を超えて受け継がれる技術は奥が深く、新たな生活スタイルに合わせてデザインをすることが適していない場合もあります。まず は時間をかけて伝統を理解することが必要です。日本に古くから伝わる鉋の技術は独特なもので海外からも注目を浴びています。機械 やヤスリを一切使わず、手の感覚だけで上品な跡を木の表面に残します。「下市木工舎 市」は、日本における最古の杉の山がある奈良 吉野にある小さな工房です。家具の生産を通して鉋の技術を次世代に伝えていきます。吉野杉で作られた「TRACE」はシンプルで機能的 なデザインと鉋の出会いから生まれました。