SAIBI tea canisters

SAIBI tea canister design Lars Vejen for SEIKADO

The traditional Japanese tea canister – Chazutsu – is a unique air- and light-tight construction that stores and preserves tea leaves. Chazutsu is the perfect fusion of form and function, and its unique functionality can only be achieved through excellent handcrafted precision. With the SAIBI series of tea canisters, a new shape has found its place among traditional classics – a shape that gently invites your hand to embrace it, or to grab and lift it from above, if more canisters are placed in a group or in a drawer. The tea canisters are part of the SAIBI series of tableware using the same slightly conical shape and height variation.

日本の伝統的な茶筒は、茶葉を最高の状態で保存するため空気と光から守る独特な構造をしており、この茶筒特有の機能性は職人の 精密な手作業により完成します。「SAIBI」シリーズの茶筒は審美性と機能性が完璧に融合されており、形は持ちやすく、触れたくなる滑ら かな仕上がりになっています。