EN modular vase

EN modular vase Design Lars Vejen for Kyogawara 07

The ancient craft of kawara (roof tiles) holds a perfect balance between form and functionality and an incredible possibility for precision in symbolic details and decoration. The craft is here used to make a flower vase that beautifully links the past with the future. The beauty of the traditional shiny grey, hardburned clay is combined with an innovative modular design that allows you to compose the vase to your needs and desires – with or without flowers. Preserving history while making your own. Asada Kawara Factory was founded in 1911 (Meiji 44) and is today the only remaining traditional roof tile factory in Kyoto. They work with traditional methods to supply historic temples and shrines throughout Japan while at the same time challenging themselves into new products areas.

日本に古くから伝わる瓦の技術を活かして作られた花器は美しさと機能性を兼ね揃えています。日本の伝統的な燻銀の瓦本来の美しさ を持ちながら、モジュール式のこの花器は花に合わせてそれぞれのパーツを組み替えてアレンジできる新しい機能を持ちます。浅田製 瓦工場は1911年(明治44年)に設立され、今では京都で唯一の京瓦の工場です。伝統に基づき寺院や神社の瓦を提供し続ける一方で、 デザインマインドを取り入れた新たな製品の開発に取り組んでいます。